The Clique Loyalty Program

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"Your loyalty to the brand doesnt go unnoticed"


  • Early Access: Beat the crowd! Gain priority access to all our new launches
  • Exclusive Products: A curated selection of items, available only to our Gold Tier members.
  • Savings: Enjoy a perpetual 10% off on all your purchases.


  • Place 3 orders or
  • Spend a total of £500.

"You've risen through the ranks you are officially one of us and with that comes unparalleled benefits"


  • Early Access: Be the first in line! Experience our launches before anyone else.
  • Exclusive Products: Handpicked items, reserved solely for our Platinum connoisseurs.
  • More Savings: Relish an exclusive 15% off across all products.
  • IG Channel Access: Dive into our behind-the-scenes world. Witness the magic unfold, vote on future product releases, and truly be a part of our brand's evolution. COMING SOON


  • Spend £1000 or
  • Place 10 orders.

Why Elevate to Our Loyalty Tiers?
“More than just rewards, it's a community. A partnership. As we grow and evolve, we want our most dedicated patrons right there with us. Our loyalty tiers are not just a testament to our gratitude but a commitment to provide you with an unmatched experience." - AC, Founder of Chosen Few.

  • How do I join the loyalty tiers program?
    Every customer is automatically enrolled in our loyalty tiers program from their very first purchase. Then as you shop and meet the qualifying conditions, you'll be upgraded to the respective tiers.

  • How do I check my current tier status and benefits?
    We will always automatically inform you when you have reached a new tier via email. Search your emails with the words “Chosen Few Loyalty” to see if you have qualified. Still not sure? Simply ask support using the website support bubble.

  • Can I move between tiers?
    Yes, once you meet the conditions for the next tier, you'll be automatically upgraded.

  • What does "IG Channel Access" entail?
    Our Platinum members get exclusive access to a special Instagram Channel where we showcase behind-the-scenes content, previews of upcoming products, and more. Plus, you get the chance to vote on future product releases!

  • Do my previous purchases count towards tier qualifications?
    Absolutely! All purchases made after creating your account will count towards your loyalty tier qualifications.

  • Will I always receive the discount associated with my tier?
    Yes, as long as you're in a specific tier, you will receive the corresponding discount on all eligible products.

  • How long do I get to enjoy my loyalty tier benefits?
    Your tier benefits are continuous, based on your total spend and order count. We'll always keep you updated if there are any changes to our loyalty program.

  • What happens if a product is already on sale?
    Loyalty tier discounts are typically applied to the original price of a product. However, there may be special occasions where additional discounts can be stacked. Always check the product's details for specifics.

  • Can I transfer or share my tier benefits with someone else?
    No, loyalty tier benefits are exclusive to the account holder and cannot be transferred or shared.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?
We're here to help! Reach out to our customer support team by clicking on the support bubble on the bottom right hand corner of our website.