Our Culture

Conceived in 2013 "MMXIII" Chosen Few Athletics have been supplying the underground athletic lifestyle market in small exclusive drops providing product that appeals to those looking for a unique lifestyle brand with a combination of high fashion fabrics, street style and performance.

All our products are 100% bespoke and custom designed from start to finish, from selecting the fabric down to the placement of the last stitch. 

Our manufacturers have been carefully selected after personally travelling the world and visiting a large variety of factories to ensure we are working with only the very best professionals in the world.

We start all our products by selecting the finest fabrics, The majority of which are sourced from the same places high-end luxury brands purchase from this prevents product from changing shape, deteriorating after only a few washes and gives you that immediate recognizable sense of quality when first trying it on - you are not buying another over marketed under developed product, you are buying into a brand that will become a staple of your wardrobe for a long time to come that has reinvested into research and development to continually improve and create the best products for our loyal customers.

We do not sponsor / pay any celebrities or athletes to promote our brand we work with those who have a genuine interest in wearing our product and choose to because they acknowledge the quality and most importantly want to wear it - if you see someone promoting or wearing the brand you can be 100% sure its because they want to not because they've been paid to.